Divisions Of ERS Group

Divisions Of ERS Group

1.    Training:-    Medical and Non-Medical Training Program

a)    College of Resuscitation and Emergency Medicine- Federal Government Approved Pre-Hospital Emergency College

b)    Advanced Resuscitation Academy- Continued Medical Education Program for:- BLS, ACLS, PALS, ATLS, PHTLS, ITLS, ALSO, AMLS, ASLS, ABLS, ADLS.

c)    Basic Emergency Response Training (Non Medical Professional training)
i.    BERT 1A,1B, 1C
ii.    Advanced Medic First Aid/ BLS PRO
iii.    Ambulance Assistant/ Ambulance training- AAT/ADT
iv.    Sport Medic First Aid (SMFA)
v.    Pediatric Medic First Aid or PBERT
vi.    Community Medic First Aid or CBERT

2.    Clinical Division
a)    Rescue and Resuscitation Services (an EMS service)

b)    Consultancy Services-
i.    Management and updating of Hospitals Emergency Departments
ii.    Establishment of EMS for Hospitals, corporate bodies and Government
iii.    Stand-alone Emergency centers (Immediate Care centers at various locations and towns)

3.    Occupational Health/Emergency prevention Division
a)    Runs first aid centers for field staffs of industries and corporate bodies.

b)    Supplies health personnel, medical and safety equipment, ambulances and clinical caravans to industries and corporate bodies.

c)    Runs safety education and Emergency response simulations for industries and corporate bodies.

d)    Industrial hygiene training.

4.    Emergency Products/Ambulance Supply
a)    Latest equipment for resuscitation and Emergency Care.
Representatives of many International manufacturing companies round the globe

5.    Medical Emergency Foundation

Emergency Response International, an NGO focused on public awareness volunteer emergency care, training and PPP arrangements on various emergency services. Services which include:
-    Community assisted emergency medical services and training
-    Schools assisted emergency response services.
-    Disaster Mitigation and response services.
-    Emergency Prevention services.
-    Collaboration with various international emergency organizations and training. Institutes and importation of training programs into African countries.

6.    Research Division
Coordinates local and international researches on emergency care, sourcing funds, researchers, equipment.

7.  ACLS for Exp. Providers

For now the course comes up by popular demand by organizations and individuals.

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