Frequently Asked Questions

Frequently asked Questions.

Why do I need to take the BLS, ACLS, PALS and other resuscitation programs?

1.    Death from injuries and life threatening medical illness sets in when the cardiovascular and the respiratory system have been affected or compromised. Ability to recognize the early warning signs of the cardio respiratory involvement, ability to prevent deterioration and ability to manage and reverse the situation are the objectives of these training programs.


Since   life threatening medical emergencies can involve any section of the health system, all health care providers- doctors, nurses, paramedics, lab scientists, physiologists, etc must be armed with these skills and knowledge. This also means that surgeons’, cardiologists, anesthetists, and all specialists are expected to train in these modern programs.


2.    These programs are evidence based, regularly updated even with newer technology. Hence health care providers should be current in the management of life threatening emergencies and cardio-respiratory deteriorations.


3.    These training programs have become global and institutions insist on them as prerequisite for employment while corporate bodies insist on them before retaining any health institution for the care of their employees. This means you need to be updated to practice in any foreign country especially for employment in tertiary health institutions or corporate bodies.

In our country where parents bring their sick children at the point of extreme deterioration, healthcare providers should be prepared to perform initial resuscitation before dealing with the causative condition. Hence the essence of PALS for all pediatricians, nurses and those who attend to children especially in emergency situations.



 How many days are your training programs?

1.    Basic life support by the American Heart Association whom we represent is about 6 hours, depending on the class size. Because we try to adapt it to real life clinical scenarios, we may have it for up to 8 hours. (Hence one day). However it is assumed you have read through the manuals sent to you and hence the practical session dominates the training.


2.    In ACLS, it is usually 2days all over the world. However, when we introduced these programs in Nigeria, the failure rate was very high and people believed it was a program for the developed countries? The drugs, equipment, procedures and even attitudes were foreign. We then had to introduce a one day program called Pre Course Training (PCT). Here the theory and technology behind ACLS are elaborated and students made to be familiar with them before coming to the 2days program. The introduction of PCT enormously increased the pass rate, understanding, and practical use of the skill. The main focus areas during the PCT are electrocardiography-generations, interpretation and management of the pathological situations (dysrhythmias), normal and difficult airway management using the various adjunct (invasive and non invasive), acute coronary syndromes –causes and modern management.

           However this extra day is optional.

PALS is 2days, though a pre course in PALS will soon be available.

International Trauma life support (ATLS) for only doctors and PHTLS (Pre Hospital Life Support) are both 2days.

 Advanced Trauma Life support (ATLS) is for only doctors and is usually for 3days.



Can we host the training in our facility?


1.    Now we can carry out most of our training in our client’s facility. However, the following conditions must apply.

BLS – 15 and above participants

ACLS – 9 – 15 participants

PALS – 9 – 15 participants

2.    If it is outside the city, you will arrange for our transportation and lodging. If it is within the city, we take care of our transport.

3.    You will provide food/tea break for both participants and our instructor team.

4.    You must ensure an air-conditioned, well lighted and spacious accommodation.


Is your institution accredited to do these trainings?

1.    We are the pioneers that brought these training programs into Nigeria through our chairman DR. Nnamdi Nwauwa, regarded as the father of Emergency Medicine in Nigeria.

We are the first accredited training center in Nigeria by the American Heart Association and have received a commendation award from AHA for having pioneered and spread the concept across the country.

  • -   We are accredited by Medical and Dental council –
  • -   We are accredited by DPR. The first organization in Emergency/resuscitation training accredited in the oil industry. Please check DPR website.
  • -   Federal Ministry of Health’s – We are the only organization that has received so many commendations, approvals and promise of collaborations from the federal ministry of health. Please see various letters from the ministry of health.
  • -   State Governments – see accreditation and commendations from many state governments.
  • -   Federal Government Parastatals –NNPC, NLNG, Teaching Hospitals, see commendations.


Are your Certificates Recognized by Oil Companies?

1.    Oil Companies were our only clients for several years when they proved that our standard was same with their home countries. This made them to stop sending their staff abroad for these trainings. Virtually all the multi-national oil companies train with us as they see us as the 5 star training organization in the country.


Where do you have training centers?

     Presently we have centers in Port Harcourt, Lagos, Abuja, Warri and Ghana. You can register in any of the locations and do the training in any location of your choice. We are the only organization with such wide training locations and offices.


Do you train in ATLS?

1.    but through our collaboration with Nigeria Orthopedic Association. Our Port Harcourt training center has been the only training center in ATLS in Nigeria but centers are coming up in Lagos and Abuja soon. For more on ATLS contact the coordinator at atls in



Is AHA Certificates Obtained in Nigeria of same value and acceptability?

  1. Ideally, it should be the same. But due to the Nigeria factor where money and certificate is more emphasized than the skill and knowledge, employers of labour and corporate bodies now look at the center where you obtained the training. Emergency Response remains the uncontestable quality leader in resuscitation/Emergency care training in Nigeria, with 100% acceptability. We emphasize to our students that they must be able to represent us among international community in resuscitation symposium and programs.

     If you want skills, knowledge, clinical applicability and with the relevant internationally acceptable certification, then your best bate in Nigeria is Emergency Response Services. However, if all you want is the certificate for sole purpose of job employment, we are sorry we may not be your option at all.



What other training programs do you have outside AHA Training Programs?

Other training programs include:

  • ATLS (Doctors only)
  • ITLS (Doctors, Nurses, Paramedics)
  • PHTLS “ “
  • EMT – Basic –(Doctors, Nurses and other health care providers)
  • EMT –OND and HND – Federal Government approved- five credits at o’ level including Physics, Chemistry, Biology, English and Mathematics.
  • Rig Medic – for Doctors and Nurses
  • First Aid Training at various levels – industrial, Advanced, basic, community programs.


Do you arrange for job opportunity?

  1. We have a subsidiary that supplies health care providers to industries and corporate organizations, especially those who have done appropriate update in emergency care. Health institutions and corporate bodies requiring healthcare providers for long or short (locum) term, usually consult us for such. We encourage everyone who has trained with us to keep his or her data in our data bank for any such opportunities.


Do you have volunteer training program?

  1. We have free training for the general public, communities, churches, traders; politicians etc. please contact us through our NGO. Emergency Response International.


Are you into Safety Training?

  1. We call it Emergency Prevention Services (EPS). Contact us for the various areas in this program.


Do you supply medical Equipment?

  1. Remember we are the stop station for all emergency need-personnel, training and response equipment, Rescue Services, Emergency prevention Services, in hospital and out of hospital emergency care and Research. However we deal mainly on emergency management equipment and training facilities, such as AED, Ventilators, Patient Monitor etc.

We further train on use of the equipment.


Can I join the Emergency Society through your Organization?

  1. As a matter-of-fact, those who train with us automatically become members of the society. If you are interested, all you need to do is to feel the SEMPON form online or during the training and pay the registration fee of five thousand naira to UBA. Account No: 1018258083. (SEMPON). You will be contacted and informed of the ongoing  programs.


Do you train in First Aid?

  1. We are the leading organization that trains corporate bodies especially in the oil industry on basic emergency response (BERT). This training is more practically oriented than ordinary First Aid, it instills an irresistible urge to intervene in an emergency, it prepares the ground for higher forms such as Advanced First Aid, first responders, EMT Basic etc. Our first aid training recognizes that the clients are non- medical and need to understand what they are doing and should have the willingness and urge to do it. Hence our training methodology uses the seeing, hearing and doing technique, under a relaxed atmosphere, using common and available examples and materials.


We are approved by the department of Petroleum Resources (DPR) and we represent the leading international organizations in first aid

  • Medic First Aid International of Oregon
  • American Safety and Health Institute (ASHI)
  • National Safety Council of USA and others.
  • American Heart Association


Do you train Instructors in BLS/ACLS?

  1. We train those who are selected to have instructor potentials as instructors. You can align with us to have a training site or you train directly with us in any of our facilities across the country. The details of the training will be made available to you on request.


What types of Manuals do you give?

      At inception in 2003, we were only giving hard copy manuals but due to increased shipping cost and custom challenges, many countries now switched over to electronic copy. It comes same day that is ordered, by passes customs and shipping. However who ever insists on hard copy pays extra 10,000 for BLS and 15,000 for ACLS and PALS.


Can I pay installment ally for my training?

  1. Pay 50% and collect the reading materials and remaining 50% on the morning of the training.


Can corporate bodies pay by contract arrangement?

  1. But price is higher and does not include VAT and withholding tax. Fee must be paid within 45days. Certificates are delivered within 2 weeks of payment


Can my card be replaced when lost?

        Yes, but you pay 5,000 for BLS and 10,000 for ACLS and PALS.


Is there any discount if we have more than 10 participants?

  1. You will receive 7.5% reduction in our standard fee. Or for every 15 participants, one person trains free.


Other frequently asked questions


How can I register for the course?

Answer – fill the registration form on line pay into the account FCMB bank Account No: 1226592013 Emergency Response Services Ltd.

Phone the desk officers that you have registered and paid. Or send a mail to This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. , This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

Your reading materials will be sent to you immediately. If you have not received it after a week, call customer relations on 07046344222 or 07046344220, if you did not receive satisfactory reply immediately call 08033107241 or 08035455784.

If you are in Lagos, Port Harcourt, Warri or Abuja you can visit our office to register, pay via POS and collect your reading materials. We do not collect cash. Once you have paid, insist on collecting your payment receipt which must be tendered on the day of training.


What are the training dates available?

Check our annual training schedule. However you must confirm the dates as some may not hold due to holidays or low class turn out. Some dates may have been fully booked.


I am recertifying, any discount?

  1. If you still have your previous book that is still current or you have already procured one, then a discount will be given to you at the prevailing rate. Please call customer service for this service.

If you have many persons for the training, then see behind for the discount rate.


How do I get my books urgent?

   Once you have paid, we will send your reading materials immediately, via your email box. For those who insist on hard copy manual, it is usually more expensive, takes longer time to be available and has challenges of how to send it to participants, especially those outside the major cities.


What if I do not want the electronic books?

    Then you have to pay the additional cost and arrange how to pick up the books from any of our offices. Should you insist on using the courier services, or posting it, than the risk of delay or loss shall be borne by you.

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